Dr. Nick Bontis | Finance & Accounting
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“There are a few rules you should know about having Dr. Bontis speak to your management team about the future of the workplace environment in the information age. First, do NOT follow him as another speaker. Second, do NOT skip him as a seminar participant. Third, do NOT design a program without him as a conference producer.  He is, defacto, the reason why any one should attend an event he speaks at!”


“Changing everyone’s paradigm is tough job. Nick Bontis considers this to be his “day-to-day pursuit”. He stands out as a pioneer in stimulating companies to embrace the vital role of intellectual capital through his strong presence and interactive presentations to create 21st Century Companies.”


“Fantastic! His energy, enthusiasm, humour, personality and the message he delivers is thought provoking and extremely relevant. Nick’s presentation is engaging and interactive. This is the second time that Nick has been a keynote speaker at our Annual Training Symposium, always to rave reviews.”


“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see Dr. Nick Bontis, not once, but twice within a 6 month timeframe. The first session was fantastic and left me wanting to know more. Dr. Nick’s mix of professional experience and dynamite speaking personality make him a must see! You leave his sessions not only feeling energized but having also learned so much about information flows or lack thereof, within a work context. The second session I attended was about causal models. I didn’t know exactly what I was in for and found myself to be overwhelmed when I took a look at his handout. Within a one hour period not only did I understand his handout, but I could fully relate it to the first session and begin to realize instances of it (good and bad) within my own organization. I would highly recommend Dr. Nick Bontis to any organization wishing to improve their own knowledge transfers and management.”


“Nick Bontis delivers a workshop on reality in the workplace. No matter what his credentials are, Nick captivates an audience and enlightens the participant by cleverly disguising the content with an entertaining delivery. If you go to one seminar this year, make it this one. His energy is matched only by his wit and the relevance of his message, and he will no doubt leave a lasting positive impression with you and your staff.”


“Nick was a consultant on a project I lead for a major property and casualty insurer, and I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable resource. He is a great presenter – full of energy and enthusiasm for his topic – and he offers credible research to back up what he has to say. We would hire him again.”


“Dr. Nick Bontis has a gift for making the complex subject of human capital valuation not only understandable but entertaining as well. His presentation at our annual conference received the highest rating among a field of impressive, knowledgeable speakers.”


“Dr. Bontis is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker.  He articulates leading edge thinking on both the theoretic and practical front – advancing both the “science” of KM and its understanding by the layman. He communicates using analogies and real-life examples that make the subject of intangible assets both concrete and compelling.”


“Dr. Bontis has the rare combination of an outstanding and engaging presentation style together with the academic brains to back it up. He is inspiring, motivating, and quite frankly, a brilliant role model in the knowledge world.”



Dr. Bontis is intimately involved with the finance and accounting job functions. He previously worked for several years at CIBC which is ranked among the top 10 strongest banks in the world and at KPMG which is ranked among the top four accounting firms in the world. He has published numerous case studies, research papers and his award-winning doctoral dissertation all based on the financial services industry. He is the only keynote speaker to present at back-to-back annual sessions of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) considered one of the top financial industry associations in the world. His clients include RBC, BMO, TD, Scotia Bank, as well as KPMG, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte.

Client List

AIC Limited

AXA Insurance

Bank of Canada

Bank of Montreal

Benefits by Design

BDO Dunwoody

BDO International

BMO Institute of Learning

Canadian Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies

CI Investments



Credit Union Central of BC

Credit Union Management Association

Credit Union Professionals Association



Desjardins Group

Ernst & Young

Filene Research Institute


Great West Life

Hartford Insurance


HUB International

IDC Worldforce Insurance Network

Independent Financial Concepts Group

ING Bank

Insurance Institute



Laurentian Bank

Lehman Brothers

London Life

Mackenzie Financial

Manulife Financial

Marsh and McLennan

MDRT – Million Dollar Round Table

Mearie Group

Mortgage Brokers Association of BC

North Shore Credit Union

Ontario Mutual Insurance Association

Ontario Securities Commission

Peak Financial


RBC Insurance

Royal Bank Canada


TD Bank

Westminster Savings Credit Union

Dr. Nick Bontis’ 3 ROI Promises

You’ll never experience a keynote speaker like Dr. Nick Bontis. Your RETURN ON INVESTMENT is guaranteed.


Nick’s award-winning teaching skills and executive education experience provide audiences with an unparalleled experience that becomes truly memorable, and most importantly, impactful to the bottom-line. He will ensure that your audience walks away with the ROI they expect.


I promise to customize my content to your needs leaving your audience with targeted, long-term behavioural outcomes.


Over the last quarter century, Dr. Bontis has continued to grow his reputation by dazzling audiences around the world. His unique expertise mixes his passion for research with an ability to deliver dynamic content in a manner that always leaves his audiences yearning for more.


I promise to assist your conference planning team in making your event the most memorable your audience has ever experienced.


Dr. Bontis is ready to give you his full attention.  Nick has no diva demands!  As soon as you wish to speak to him, send him an email and describe your event.  Don’t wait.  He will setup as many calls as necessary with your team to ensure that you look great and your event rocks!


I promise to provide you with my personal mobile number as a preferred client.  I will speak with you live or respond within hours 24/7/365.