Dr. Nick Bontis | Manufacturing & Consumer
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“Thank you for your presentation at our customer focus meeting.  You did an outstanding job!  The best speaker I’ve seen in 15 years!  From humorous to inspirational speaking you have offered a motivational message like no other.  You have brought excitement, expertise, and inspiration to the members of our group.  Your topics were key in opening the mind with refreshing thoughts and visual gestures. On behalf of Cascades Boxboard Group, I wish you continued success and would happily recommend you to anyone looking for quality motivational speaking. You contributed greatly to the success of our meeting. Looking forward to the next opportunity to work with you!”


“Dr. Nick Bontis provided a riveting presentation during a very important high level meeting for our company.  He described important strategic concepts in a simple way so that everyone understood.  He also provided actionable methods to implement them easily.  The results of his presentation caused a variety of significant changes including a more positive attitude among our employees as well as helping us with our integration process.  For a global firm like ours, small changes make a big difference.  A total of 97% of all attendees during the presentation rated his performance as either good (21%) or excellent (76%).  Given the sophistication level of our audience, this is an outstanding achievement!”


“Dr. Nick Bontis delivered a high energy and very engaging presentation to our top Canadian Supply Chain leaders.  His thought leadership on change and technology was insightful and provocative.  Truly enjoyable experience.”


“Be ready to think and absorb if you have the pleasure of a presentation by Nick.  He is a dynamic speaker that hits real world issues and challenges.  I enjoyed every minute and would recommend everyone to spend some time perusing his website.”



As a long-time resident of Hamilton (known as the steel city), Dr. Bontis is well aware of the transformation necessary to maintain vibrancy in a manufacturing-intensive and consumer-oriented environment. His deep insights into complex production and new product development have led him to deliver several high profile executive learning programs for organizations such as 3M, Celestica, General Mills, Kraft Foods, Loblaw, L3 Wescam, Nestlé, Owens Corning and SNC-Lavalin.

Client List


Association for Manufacturing Excellence

Black & McDonald Limited

Bowering International Group

Cascades Paper and Packaging


Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

CRM – Cement Roadstone Holdings


Dufferin Construction

Eli Lilly


Food and Consumer Products of Canada

Gennum Corporation

General Mills

Johnson & Johnson

Kraft Foods

L3 Communications


London Drugs

Nemak Auto Parts


Nortec Humidity Limited

Owens Corning

Samuel Manutech

Shoppers Drug Mart



Dr. Nick Bontis’ 3 ROI Promises

You’ll never experience a keynote speaker like Dr. Nick Bontis. Your RETURN ON INVESTMENT is guaranteed.


Nick’s award-winning teaching skills and executive education experience provide audiences with an unparalleled experience that becomes truly memorable, and most importantly, impactful to the bottom-line. He will ensure that your audience walks away with the ROI they expect.


I promise to customize my content to your needs leaving your audience with targeted, long-term behavioural outcomes.


Over the last quarter century, Dr. Bontis has continued to grow his reputation by dazzling audiences around the world. His unique expertise mixes his passion for research with an ability to deliver dynamic content in a manner that always leaves his audiences yearning for more.


I promise to assist your conference planning team in making your event the most memorable your audience has ever experienced.


Dr. Bontis is ready to give you his full attention.  Nick has no diva demands!  As soon as you wish to speak to him, send him an email and describe your event.  Don’t wait.  He will setup as many calls as necessary with your team to ensure that you look great and your event rocks!


I promise to provide you with my personal mobile number as a preferred client.  I will speak with you live or respond within hours 24/7/365.