Dr. Nick Bontis | Healthcare
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Dr. Nick Bontis addressed our organization at an all-staff event where hundreds were present. Nick is an energetic, captivating and engaging keynote speaker – with an effective and timely dose of humour. He gets to know your objectives, puts together a succinct presentation, works closely with you, and really delivers. I highly recommend him.


“I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Nick Bontis for the first time at a recent hospital conference.  The last of several speakers – including a retired Prime Minister, Chief of the Defence Staff, and a Governor General – Nick was an outstanding surprise and, in my opinion, the best speaker!  His hour-long presentation was funny, inspirational, and re-energizing.  His subject, intellectual capital, is highly relevant to everyone.”


“An invigorating and stimulating performance! Dr. Nick Bontis delivers profound key messages to his captive audience using methods they can relate to, such as referencing cutting-edge technology devices, terminology and trends.  The audience is engaged and entertained through the use of strategic animated tactics and interactive exercises.  Participants leave with take-home messages, tools and resources on how best to invest in and build brainpower to achieve a competitive advantage at school or in the workplace, as well as focusing on creating a reputable legacy for oneself.”


“What a great way to end the event on a highly energized note with your dynamic and insightful presentation!  Our participants who enjoyed your talk immensely.”


“Dr. Nick Bontis was our keynote speaker at a recent departmental event.  He is a dynamic, provocative speaker who engaged the audience with his charm, humour and great intellect.  He has an uncanny ability to reach a diverse group communicating complex issues with simple imagery and wit. We would love to have him back!”


“When I was reading over the feedback from our survey I came across a quote that seems to sum up a lot of what I have been hearing: “… He is a gifted speaker and I could see stand-up comedy as a second career but he has too much brain for that.  I’m glad he has a teaching position in higher education, some brains will have the chance to be challenged by such a professor.”



The healthcare industry is absolutely in need of accelerated performance at the individual, team and organization levels. The constant cry of “do more with less” is loud and clear and in response, Dr. Bontis has delivered dozens of riveting presentations to senior and mid-level managers at such organization as Health Canada, Canada Health Infoway, AstraZeneca, the Ontario Hospital Association and the Canadian College of Health Service Executives.

Client List


Boehringer Ingelheim

Calgary Health Region

Canada Health Infoway

Canadian College of Health Service Executives

Catholic Health Association of Ontario

Central Park Lodges

Chatham Kent Health Alliance

Country Terrace L-T Care

Covenant Health

DeGroote Health Leadership Institute

DePaul Assisted Living

Eli Lilly


Grand River

Hamilton Health Sciences

Health Canada

London Drugs

L-T Care Leadership Institute

McMaster University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

OHA – Ontario Hospital Association

ONA – Ontario Nurses Association

Ontario Health Quality Council

Ontario Long Term Care Association


Prime Strategies Medical Equipment

Providence Health Care

Senior Living Magazine

Specialty Care

Trillium Health Centre

Dr. Nick Bontis’ 3 ROI Promises

You’ll never experience a keynote speaker like Dr. Nick Bontis. Your RETURN ON INVESTMENT is guaranteed.


Nick’s award-winning teaching skills and executive education experience provide audiences with an unparalleled experience that becomes truly memorable, and most importantly, impactful to the bottom-line. He will ensure that your audience walks away with the ROI they expect.


I promise to customize my content to your needs leaving your audience with targeted, long-term behavioural outcomes.


Over the last quarter century, Dr. Bontis has continued to grow his reputation by dazzling audiences around the world. His unique expertise mixes his passion for research with an ability to deliver dynamic content in a manner that always leaves his audiences yearning for more.


I promise to assist your conference planning team in making your event the most memorable your audience has ever experienced.


Dr. Bontis is ready to give you his full attention.  Nick has no diva demands!  As soon as you wish to speak to him, send him an email and describe your event.  Don’t wait.  He will setup as many calls as necessary with your team to ensure that you look great and your event rocks!


I promise to provide you with my personal mobile number as a preferred client.  I will speak with you live or respond within hours 24/7/365.